Fandom of the Month Club – May 2015


I was SUPPOSED to be cutting back on my subscription boxes….instead I gained 2.  Whoops.

The first additional box I have acquired was the Fandom of the Month club, which contains a few accessories themed around a different Fandom each month.  Fantastic concept and beautiful stuff at a great price….except for when it’s a month when you’re not a part of that specific Fandom.

Take this month, for example.  I have absolutely nothing against the Lord of the Rings.  I just never read the books or watched the movies – so how on Earth could I be apart of the fandom?  That’s right, I can’t be and I am not.  So I was slightly upset when I realized that was the theme of this month.

I still found all the jewelry to be absolutely adorable and loved each piece…even the earrings that I had to ask nicely what they were representing from the series….

My favorite piece had to be the Hobbit door necklace.  It’s so cute and the door actually opens.  Really precious.

The Ring bracelet was cute, however I have tiny wrists and it was hard to get over my hand.  I’m not sure how anyone bigger than me got it on, but it was definitely cute!

Each piece comes individually wrapped inside a themed drawstring bag that you can use later on (and I happened to LOVE this months – hooray!  I at least knew the quote!)

I purchased the 3 month package from this subscription, so they have a few more attempts to win me over, for sure!

For more information on how you can sign up for future boxes from the Fandom of the Month club, please check out their website!

(Plus – the box is freaking adorable…honestly.)


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