Owlcrate – May 2015


Oh the parallel world’s box from Owlcrate came in and honestly, as much as I’ve loved the first two owlcrates, this one disappointed me a bit.

It contained a book I had been eyeing since January and although I had preordered it and received it on the day of its release, I could have done a backflip due to it being sent out for all the owl crate subscribers to love along with me.

So the book wasn’t the problem.

The custom card explaining the box and what it contained was absolutely gorgeously printed as it is every month.

So that wasn’t the problem.

It came with a signed bookplate and a beautiful book inspired bookmark which I will cherish forever.

So that wasn’t the problem.

If I were you, I’d be wondering what on Earth disappointed me with the box – and I will now tell you.

The first two Owl Crates I received included items that I felt were a bit more…bookish.  The first box (March) contained quirky bandages, an adorable game of thrones figurine and a button to add to my collection – not a bad start to their first box.
The next box (April) contained a bookish themed candle, a tote bag and a Fault in Our Stars quote necklace.  Absolutely adorable, I loved every single detail of that box.

This box contained a tiny notebook (definitely will use and I love the cover), a few custom temporary tattoos that are Alice in Wonderland inspired (which if I hadn’t figured out I could turn them into bookmarks, I wouldn’t have used them at all), and Thinking Putty – which is really just heat sensitive silly putty (which is cute, but if I’m being honest, I’m not sure what to do with it).

The items from the past boxes I definitely found more appealing than this months.  They were still definitely cute and last months box absolutely earned this box another month to contend, but I really wish the items were a bit more…practical.  Maybe this is me being picky, or this is me being let down after such a fabulous box last month, but fingers crossed next month’s box makes up for it!  Owlcrate has been a phenomenal subscription box these last few months and I’m not going to shrug it off due to one ‘eh’ box – it’ll take more than that to get rid of me!

Oh and if you’re curious how the bookmarks turned out, check out the photo below!


They’re super easy to make – grab some temporary tattoos and some cardstock cut into the shape/size you’d like, peel back the plastic on the tattoos and line it up on the paper where you’d like.  Wet the back, just like you would for your skin, and wait 30 seconds.  Be careful not to put too much water on or the cardstock will warp.

Congratulations – you can now enjoy your gorgeous temporary tats longer than 3 showers.  😛


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