Uppercase Box – May 2015


Yup, I’m on Month 3 of my subscription boxes.  For those of you who don’t know, I was trying out two subscription boxes to see how I liked them and after 3 months of each, I would choose one to stick with.

Well…I can’t choose.  I’ve officially been with Uppercase Box for my 3 month allotted time frame and honestly, the first month I was with them was my least favorite, and if I was basing it off one month I would have dropped it then. Not because of the book, I mean come on, it was Red Queen, but the goodies just…didn’t live up to my expectations, especially for the cost of the box.

But then they redeemed themselves to amazing levels these last two boxes.

This month’s book was The Girl At Midnight by Melissa Grey.  I’m sorry a SIGNED COPY of The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey.  This is the second month in a row they’ve sent out an autographed book and I have to say it’s upped their box by a lot.  Most people don’t have any autographed books/don’t have means of obtaining them.  So to receive them monthly is a wonderful perk of subscribing.

These custom prints based on their book of choice each month have given the box so much more value to me.  I absolutely love them and cannot wait to collect more of them from future boxes.  They’re gorgeous and so unique, it’s great to know you’re getting something exclusive by subscribing to the box.

It also contained an absolutely adorable pocket notebook (a bookworm book) which had some really cute stationary in it.  I’ll Uppercase Box | Young Adult Book Subscription Boxdefinitely be using this!

and finally, it had a WICKED IS GOOD sticker (from The Maze Runner series) which was a great surprise, especially with us all in eager anticipation of the new Maze Runner movie coming soon!

Uppercase Box is a fantastic subscription and I’m so glad that I’ve been apart of it for three months and (sorry mom) will be continuing my subscription service with them.  Yay!

To learn more about Uppercase Box and how you can snag a subscription for the upcoming months, feel free to click on that big Uppercase logo over there.  You know you want to!!


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