Uppercase Box – June 2015


Oh my goodness, the glorious Uppercase Box has arrived for the month of June and I cannot get over how in love I am with their book choice!

Unfortunately, I had just (by just I mean the day before) purchased a copy of The Wrath and the Dawn, but went back and ended up swapping it out for something else.

In addition to the book, they also sent along a signed bookplate (hooray!!!), a promotional card with 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Wrath and The Dawn, and (my favorite) a book cover inspired scarf.  Flawless, honestly.  Check the video below for my levels of uncontainable excitement.

They also included the Bookish goodie this month from Bookiemoji, a company who turns those typical emojis we all know and love into books with adorable faces!  How could we not love that?  Included was a tote bag and some adorable stickers to plaster over everything I can get my hands on (sorry mom!).  They also had an adorable Uppercase logo sticker – which they just changed last month.  Congrats to Uppercase!

Thank you so much for the beautiful book choice and goodies – I’m excited to start this book and even better, it’s next on my to-read list!  Stay tuned for the review everyone!

For all the details on getting your hands on an Uppercase Box, head on over to their site and grab one of their amazing boxes!


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