Owlcrate – June 2015


Owlcrate has officially arrived and I am so excited for this month’s box!  This has been an incredible month for the history books with the US passing marriage equality laws nationwide.

Go Owlcrate for supporting that this month with the Read More Diverse Books Box!

The first thing that was rolled up on top of the box (that as you all know, me as a Harry Potter lover adores) was the banner that says “Albus Dumbledore Supports Marriage Equality”, made custom for Owlcrate by the flawless Appraising Pages.  I’m so excited to someday (hopefully soon) hang this up on the wall in my library.  (I have run out of wall space in my bedroom at home….I must move.  It’s a sign.)

The second item I grabbed out was the Shwings in the rainbow pattern.  They’re meant to be laced up in a pair of sneakers – however me being me, I tend to live in flip flops, heels or boots, so unfortunately won’t have much use for them.  Still super cute though!

There was also a pair of earrings (I’ve worn them twice already) that say “Read More  / Diverse Books.”  So so cute.

Finally, THE BOOK.  The Diverse book of the month was….More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera.  I had (shockingly) heard nothing about this book prior to receiving it in this month’s Owlcrate, but now that I own it, I see it everywhere.  It sounds amazing and I have heard nothing but good things about it.

Included in the Bookish swag was a poster with the gorgeous quote:

They can be sucker punching,
Others carry you forward;
Some stay with you forever,
Others you forget on your own.
You can’t really know
Which ones you’ll survive
If you don’t stay
On the battlefield.

Also included was a temporary tattoo with the title text (turned into a bookmark in the photo), and of course, the usual Owlcrate postcard with all the details about everything.

Such a stunning box this month – so glad to have been apart of it, and to have it while history was made.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an Owlcrate, head over to their site before they sell out!


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