The Stones of Mourning Creek by Diane Les Becquets – Review

The Stones of Mourning Creek by Diane Les Becquets
Reviewed 15 July 2015

The Stones of Mourning Creek

5 / 5 Stars

Goodreads Description
When fourteen-year-old Francie befriends Ruthie, a black girl, amidst the rampant prejudice in their small town in 1960s Alabama, she suffers from the gruesome harassment of her white peers. But Ruthie demonstrates the humanity and love that helps Francie uncover the truth behind her mother’s death and deal with her father’s neglect and alcoholism.

My Review
I first read this book in 2004. I was 9 years old and this instantly became a favorite. I remember it being one of the first books that brought me to tears at the end and made me want to just hug it for hours.

After 11 years, I finally reread the book that helped me to fall in love with reading. And though it’s target audience is probably more a tween, at 21, I still love this book.

Some people would say it’s a bit predictable but the message behind this book overlooks that. This book is about so much more than the story it tells. It has so much value and has so many morals that can be applied to situations today.

This is a real book that opens a lot of young readers up to a lot of issues that are tough to discuss without shoving them down their throats with statistics and graphs.

I 100% favor this book and will continue to recommend it to people as I have done for the last 11 years. If you’re reading this review, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy too.

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