Fandom of the Month – June 2015


Oh my goodness, it’s almost time for the July Fandom of the Month Club box to come in and I forgot to even post June!

Ahh!  Anyway, here it is, in all its beautiful glory – the Fandom of the Month Club June Box.

The theme this month was…

Once Upon a Time!

For those of you who do not watch Once Upon a Time, it is a great series (available on Netflix….hint, hint) that focuses on fairytale legends becoming a part of real life in a small town in Maine, thanks to a curse set by the Evil Queen.

This box was absolutely BREATHTAKING and I am so excited to share my goodies with all of you!

This box included….

A Horse and Carriage Ring
This ring is meant for two fingers, and in the burnished gold, it’s absolutely gorgeous.  My only complaint is I have tiny fingers….so wearing it for me involves lots of focus and very little activity, or else it will go flying off.   I wish I could wear it more but I just don’t want to lose it!  So special occasions only for that one.

A “Once Upon a TIme” Book Necklace
This pendant comes on a very long chain which is great for my jeans and T-shirt days.  It’s super cute and durable, and still simple enough to go with basically anything.

A Fairytale Charm Bracelet
This absolutely takes the cake as my favorite thing included this month.  This silver charm bracelet came with so many adorable charms for each of the fairytales, I don’t even know where to start.  The apple for Snow White, the car for Emma, directly from the show, the mermaid, the rose, they’re all absolutely adorable and I wear it all the time.

The bag this month came with the quote “All Magic Comes with a Price Dearie” written in gold with a dagger leaning up against it.  Absolutely gorgeous.

I was so thrilled with the box this month, I cannot wait (only a few days now!) for the July box!

To get your hands on a future Fandom of the Month club box, head on over to their website to sign up!


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