This Is How I Find Her by Sara Polsky – Review

This Is How I Find Her by Sara Polsky
Reviewed 25 July 2015

This Is How I Find Her

4 / 5 Stars

Goodreads Description
Sophie has always lived her life in the shadow of her mother’s bipolar disorder: monitoring medication, making sure the rent is paid, rushing home after school instead of spending time with friends, and keeping secrets from everyone.

But when a suicide attempt lands Sophie’s mother in the hospital, Sophie no longer has to watch over her. She moves in with her aunt, uncle, and cousin–a family she’s been estranged from for the past five years. Rolling her suitcase across town to her family’s house is easy. What’s harder is figuring out how to rebuild her life.

And as her mother’s release approaches and the old obligations loom, Sophie finds herself torn between her responsibilities toward her mother and her desire to live her own life, Sophie must decide what to do next.

My Review
This book was absolutely gorgeous.  I was so pleased with how it turned out and how the characters grew and changed as the story progressed.

Starting with Sophie.  She was such a wonderful portrayal of I think a lot of kids and how they have to handle situations like hers.  At the beginning she was such a different kind of person than she was at the end, and I was so happy for her growth and acceptance toward the challenges she was faced with.

I absolutely loved the roles each of the supporting characters played.  They were all perfectly necessary to help Sophie through her journey and reach that end goal.

There were some gorgeous quotes throughout the story as well that were woven in so well, I almost missed them.

I was absolutely floored with how beautiful this story is and am so glad I picked it up and am able to share with you how much I loved it.

I definitely recommend this book.  I was in a reading slump for a while, grabbed this and now I think I’m definitely back in the swing of things thanks to this wonderful read.

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