The Bookish Box – July 2015


Time to play catch up with all the subscription boxes I received this month!  The Bookish Box is usually my first box received every month.

I absolutely love The Bookish Box, especially due to all the quirky things they always include!

This month was no exception to the love I felt for this box.  I adore how unique all the items always are and I am always curious as to what they’ll be including in the coming months.

July included:

As a bonus bookish goodies, there was a White Raven themed bookmark, promoting J. L. Weil’s first book in her Raven series.  Definitely can never have too many bookmarks.

A live, deathly hallows themed airplant from Two Trees Botanicals which involves little to no skill with plants (I kill everything and mine’s still going!) and has the cutest deathly hallows charm to keep the theme.

A book keychain from the Appraising Pages shop which I attached to…

The adorable book themed coin purse.  This was an item by The Purple Hedgehog shop, and it was absolutely gorgeous!  I never found a coin purse I actually liked and I use this one constantly.

Dope Digits included Harry Potter nail decals complete with the Deathly Hallows symbol and little wizard Harry glasses and scar.  Haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve seen photos from others and my goodness they’re cute!

And the shirt of the month was from The Infernal Devices – printed by the Appraising Pages shop and custom made for the Bookish Box this shirt displayed the quote
“Words have the power to change us.”

I have an issue with crew neck T-shirts so both this months and last months I cut into an off the shoulder look.  Definitely more comfy for me and I’ll wear them much more.


Appraising Pages is offering a new feature starting in the month of August as well, offering different styles of shirts as an option.  I took up the offer and am excited to see the tank top version of this months shirt!!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a future Bookish Box, definitely check out their website at


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