Owlcrate – July 2015


Owlcrate for the month of July was themed Friendship and they absolutely delivered a friendly box!

They had been hinting on social media that there was going to be something related to Harry Potter all month, so obviously I was on red alert for this box.  It’s the Potterhead in me.

The Harry Potter related item was a gorgeous hand-stamped bracelet that reads Until The Very End, created by the Show Pony.  Definitely a favorite as I have a matching stamped bracelet my best friend got me last Christmas that reads Muggle.  MATCHING HARRY POTTER CUFFS.  Can you feel my excitement at this?

Once I got over that (it took a while, I swear), I found these nifty Super Awesome Postcards by Archie McPhee.  Honestly, these aren’t my style.  Some of them were really cool but I can’t imagine actually sending these to people and having them not send someone to my house to check on me and make sure I was okay in return.


There are owl sticky notes.  They’re called Book Buddies specifically, created by Girl of all Work but WHO CARES WHAT THEY’RE CALLED.  THEY’RE ADORABLE LITTLE OWL STICKY NOTES.

So we bounced back from the post cards obviously.

And finally – the book!  The chosen book for the month of friendship was…The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi!  Of course, I already own this nifty read but it was still super exciting to recieve a copy with a signed bookplate, book specific bookmark and an adorable little pin, featuring not only the band name from the book but also one of my favorite supporting female characters in Marvel Movies.  (Come on, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow).

But anyway, this Owlcrate was lovely.  I’ve provided links to the websites of all those who provided nifty products for this month, so if you fancy something that much you can go snag something similar (or the same exact thing – that’s your call).

If you’re interested in the whole kit-and-caboodle and want to get your hands on an Owlcrate next month, head on over to their website and sign up for the waitlist – they sell out quick but it’s well worth it!


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