Fandom of the Month – July 2015


July’s Fandom of the Month Club box was absolutely beautiful as always, but this was finally a fandom that I was not only a part of, but had also read, loved and fangirled over along with the whole Hunger Games generation.

I was so excited for the amount of goodies this box contained – and I’m even more excited to share them with you!

Well obviously something involved with the Mockingjay had to be included.  And I decided that the necklace each month is the most Fandom specific piece included.  All the other items tend to have a track record of being more fandom neutral, but the necklace tends to lean more to being really related to the fandom.

The necklace was a longer chained pendant with an arrow, white rose and mockingjay dangling off it.  This is an absolutely perfect piece to throw on with jeans and a T-shirt, and I was so excited to wear this (and I did the very same day!)

The earrings included went perfectly with the necklace, being white rose studs.  The good thing is….they’re white rose studs.  They could be related to President Snow’s roses….or they could just be roses.  You don’t walk around screaming The Hunger Games Fangirl from your ears when you wear them, which is nice.

Same goes for the bracelet.  The gold bangle style bracelet featured a print out of music notes.  I could just be wearing it because I’m a music lover, not because they’re the notes Rue whistles to Katniss in the very first book (which they are).  It’s nice to be able to wear it, knowing there’s hidden meaning that strangers won’t see when looking at my jewelry.

And finally, the ring.  This had to be my favorite thing this month.  I have tiny fingers, so I was very grateful this ring was adjustable (though I still have to wear it as a loose-fitting thumb ring).  Stamped into the ring are the words “Real or Not Real?” and on the interior is a stamped heart.  It’s absolutely beautiful and I love wearing this piece.

Overall, this month was flawless.  I was so happy with the fandom choice and cannot wait for August’s to come soon!

What do you think of the items?  Which is your favorite this month?

Interested in getting your hands on the next Fandom of the Month box?  Check out their website for information on how to sign up!!


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