Fandom of the Month – August 2015


Fandom of the Month Club has arrived and this month’s theme was Super Mario!!

Oh my goodness, the goodies are beyond cute this month and I’m so excited to be able to share them with you.

Now, I saw some angry posts on Instagram from people stating that Mario isn’t a Fandom and shouldn’t have counted. Well….I disagree.

I think Mario was a phenomenal choice this month, as it appeals to so many people of so many different generations. And the goodies did not disappoint!

The first item I grabbed from the adorable Princess Peach bag was…

A pair of clay sculpted Lucky Star and Mushroom earrings. They’re so cute and I love that with them being handmade, that have that classic feel to them.

The next item I found was the ADORABLE Nintendo Controller necklace. It is a perfect pendant to represent the month as a whole and it will be a great addition to my “jeans and T-shirts” necklace collection.

The next item was a gold Question Mark Box ring. You know what I’m talking about, the little box that you bang Mario’s head against and it’s either coins, a mushroom or a bad guy. Yea. And guess what. This ring fits! So much excitement at this.

Finally, was a Mario themed keychain that included not only the green and red mushrooms, the question mark, but also the flower from the game! I’m in love!

I was so happy with this month’s box, definitely one of my favorites. The pieces were all adorable – though I feel as though they are all pieces that need to be worn for a specific occasion/when you’re in a specific mood. I wouldn’t go walking into my office decked out with my controller necklace and mushroom keychain hanging off my fingers.

They’re not everyday pieces (at least not for me.) That doesn’t take away from how adorable they are!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the next Fandom of the Month club box, check out their website and sign up! For only $13 a month, it HARDLY deserves a second thought. It’s a given YES.


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