Bookish Box – September 2015


Honestly, the Bookish Box is the one subscription box every month that I honestly hold my breath waiting for.

I have yet to receive anything from this amazing company that I have been disappointed with, and this month pulled off just that feat yet again.

I’m getting the thing that got my attention most out of the way first so I can fangirl about all the other beautiful things after.

THIS MUG.  THIS GORGEOUS LITTLE MUG.  This was supplied by the amazing shop, A Bird in Hand on Etsy, and oh my goodness, all their mugs in their shop are precious.

The on included in the box was inspired by Jennifer Niven’s “All the Bright Places” and I cannot get enough of it.  It’s beautiful and amazing and I’m so happy it was included in this month’s box!

Next, we had an amazing piece of wall art (not pictured) by Cargo Collective, inspired by Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

My only complaint was that it was rolled up and difficult to flatten out, but I mean, let’s be honest – how else are they going to ship it without bending it?  Once it’s behind a frame, it will be lovely and I’ll forget it was even rolled up in the first place.

THE GEEKY CAULDRON PUT SOME LOVE IN THIS MONTH’S BOX.  If you guys don’t know that I’m obsessed with this shop….fun fact, I’m obsessed with The Geeky Cauldron.

Fun Fact Number 2:  I’m obsessed with Looking for Alaska.  Combine those two obsessions, you’re looking at a winning item for me!

I am not a bath taker.  I wish I was, but my bath is tiny and my house is much too reckless and obnoxious to ever find time to take a bath.  With that said, I will find time to take a bath because this freaking delicious smelling bath bomb by The Soapie Shoppe smells like heaven.

And finally (and certainly not least), a beautiful bookmark created by A Bookish Babe was included, inspired by We Were Liars.  I love this quote, so this bookmark has found a good home.

I lied – not finally.  And do you know why?  Because the staple item, the gorgeous shirt included every month, was not yet listed.  The Bookish Box created a gorgeous top (sent in different colors to all those who received them), inspired by All the Bright Places.

The quote on the shirt reads, “You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.”
And who can argue with that?

Overall, this box was fantastic and I’m so pleased with it – though this ought to come to no one’s surprise.  Already giddy thinking about next month’s box!  I’m trying to order all the different kinds of shirt opens available so I can see what I like, don’t like, and let you guys know what I think!  So far we’ve tried a V-Neck T-Shirt, Racerback Tank and the Crew Neck T-Shirts.  I’d say the clear winner was the Racerback, though sizing ran a bit big for me.

What will next month bring?  Let’s find out!  And be sure to get your hands on your VERY OWN Bookish Box by heading over to their website and signing up!  All their future bookish goodies could be yours!  Exciting, right?


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