Owlcrate – September 2015

Another month, another Owlcrate!

This month definitely one-upped lasted month, but how did it do overall? Let’s find out.

This month’s theme was Leading Ladies and I guessed the book prior to the box being sent, as Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy has been on my watch list for ages.

I was so excited to see this as the book included this month, and the additional sticker and note from the author were adorable!

The next item was the Dauntless tote bag by Whoviandrea to represent Tris from the Divergent series. This tote was beautiful and I loved that they included Tris as one of our leading ladies.

Another favorite leading lady, Miss Hermione Granger was included in the box with two beautiful and unique art prints by Megan Lara.

I was also excited that Katniss was included with an arrow necklace by Crystal Compass. I love the burnished gold look – it was definitely cute!

Finally, there was a funko pop keychain featuring Kaleesi from Game of Thrones – unfortunately not a series I’m familiar with (yet) but it’s adorable! I wish she could stand on my bookshelf, but she’s top heavy. So on my keys she goes!

Let me say this, I love Owlcrate. I love the owners of the business, I love the idea of the box and I love the fact that they offer multiple goodies each month.

Unfortunately, Owlcrate is not a “cheap” subscription box by any means. The goodies this month were beautiful, but there wasn’t anything in the box that I simply HAD TO HAVE. I didn’t fall in love with anything (except the book!) and there weren’t any items that I would have been devastated not to receive.

Unfortunately, with the loss of my second job, I had to make some cuts to my subscription boxes and Owlcrate is one of them that at this time, I have to put on hold.

I’ve had a great run with them and I will keep an eye on their future boxes to see what goes into them, but at this time, I’m not going to be continuing my subscription service with them.

I’m excited for the future of Owlcrate and look forward to seeing where they go. Pictured below is my collage of all the beautiful Owlcrate boxes I’ve been privileged to receive. Good luck to Owlcrate – thank you for being so amazing! I hope to join you again someday!

If you’d like to snag up my spot (or one of the many they try to open up each month), head over to their website and grab one!



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