Wish by Joseph Monninger – Review

Wish by Joseph Monninger
Reviewed October 2015


4 / 5 Stars

Goodreads Description
Bee’s brother, Tommy, knows everything there is to know about sharks. He also knows that his life will be cut short by cystic fibrosis. And so does Bee.

That’s why she wants to make his wish-foundation-sponsored trip to swim with a great white shark an unforgettable memory.

But wishes don’t always come true. At least, not as expected. Only when Bee takes Tommy to meet a famous shark attack survivor and hard-core surfer does Tommy have the chance to live one day to the fullest.

And in the sun-kissed ocean off a California beach, Bee discovers that she has a few secret wishes of her own. . . .

My Review
I really wasn’t expecting to like this. I’ll admit it, I’m generally a cover buyer. I judge books based on their appearance and seeing this on the shelf just didn’t make me want to read it.

But I bought it anyway. Don’t ask me why…probably because it was on sale. And usually sale books with meh covers aren’t anything to get excited over. But I read it anyway.

And I loved it.

It’s not my usual go to storyline but the relationship between Bee and Tommy is so amazing and reminds me exactly of how close my brother and I are. I can relate so much to these characters.

I loved that the book didn’t focus on a boy who was terminally ill or a girl’s first crush or any one element but instead it was all of them. They all came together and it all affected each other. It was all important.

And I was so glad that I didn’t skip past this book and miss out on such a beautiful story.




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