Bookish Box – October 2015


Bookish Box has arrived for the Month of October and this month’s theme was “Bump in the Night”.  This box included lots of creepy, wonderful goodies.

Let’s see what was inside…

First little item right on top of the box was the tiny little Dracula book magnet.  It’s so cute and I have it holding up my to-do list as we speak.  I had to go on a little hunt to find the right shop who created this precious little thing, but finally found it!  Thank you  so much Kit’s Designs, and congratulations on being apart of this month’s box!

Ahhhh, this next piece stole my heart a little.  The amazing Authored Adornments shop included a beautiful cuff bracelet with a quote from The Shining.  I was so excited to see this was included because I’ve been wanting to purchase from their shop for quite a while, and after seeing the quality of their pieces, I’m definitely going to be ordering more!

Also included was a package of wax melts by Ninety Ninety One were included in the scent of Hershel’s Farm from the Walking Dead – now I wasn’t on the farm, but let me tell you, if it smells anything like this, I’ll head right over there – walker infested or not.  My only issue with this item is I don’t have a way to use wax melts – so I’ll have to head out and purchase one of those melter things (if you’re reading this and know of a safe way to use them without buying one, let me know!)

The last bonus goodie included were some little clothespin magnets from Earth Cookie Creations.  This was the only item that I was a bit indifferent towards.  They are definitely cute and are currently in use – the just didn’t seem as high quality as most of the products generally included in the box.

FINALLY THE SHIRT.  Ahh – Appraising Pages naturally outdid herself this month featuring one of my favorite writer’s of all time, Edgar Allen Poe.  Such a GORGEOUS design and marvelous quote.  Seriously, Justine – beautiful, beautiful job.

And that’s a wrap!  I’d give this box a 4/5 this month!  The clothespins just really missed the mark for me but everything else was so precious – so glad to be apart of this beautiful box every month – cannot wait for the Fantasy Box next month!

Want to be a part of it?  Head over to the Bookish Box site to find out how!


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