Flitwick’s Box – November 2015


November’s Flitwick’s Box has arrived and the Earth, Wind and Fire theme is TO DIE FOR.

See all the details on these beautiful goodies below!

This month’s theme was Earth, Wind and Fire and I am absolutely LOVING the choices in the box this month.  I’m all for earthy, raw pieces so this box was absolutely fantastic.

The first piece was Wind, and that was the bracelet.  The feather cuff bracelet was too big for my wrist at first, but working for a jeweler has it’s perks and I was able to bend it enough that it fit comfortably and wouldn’t go flying off.

I was really scared about bending it, as I thought pressure on such carefully molded metal would make it snap (and pieces in Fandom of the Month club that I’ve tried to squeeze smaller have actually snapped on me).  But I was so excited that I was able to get this beautiful piece small enough for me!

The next piece was Fire and those were the sun earrings.  I cheated.  I definitely wore them before taking this photo and then put them back on the card when I got home.  They’re really beautiful, larger studs.  I got so many compliments from wearing them – I was so glad I decided to wear them as soon as they came in!

And finally the Earth piece was the stunning Amethyst inspired necklace.  I know a lot of people were pretty upset because of how ‘gold’ the necklace was.  I’m glad I’m not picky when it comes to metal because I think silver wouldn’t have looked right with the stone – this necklace is gorgeous and being a February baby, I was so excited to have my birthstone on this piece!

Of course, I’m assuming it’s not real amethyst, but it looks like it could be!  And I love the raw stone look, so I’ll be getting a ton of use out of this.

Overall, this box was a home run.  Every single piece has already been worn once, and I’m so glad that I received this box!

Next month’s theme is Let It Snow and the sneak peeks have been GORGEOUS.  Check out Flitwick’s instagram for all of those pretty little pictures, and if you’re interested in getting your hands on a future box, be sure to head over to their website and sign on!

They sell out fast, so be quick about it!


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