Fandomly – November 2015


I received the Fandomly box this month! I decided to try it this month and next month (next month is Harry Potter themed), and I’m incredibly underwhelmed.

See the details for why!

I signed on for this box in hopes I would find another box like FotM or Flitwick’s – a jewelry subscription that would have me swooning every month.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I received the pink padded envelope to find that there was nothing but a tissue paper wrapped bundle inside of it.

Inside that were the pieces pictured above.

The box promotes that it includes jewelry and household items – which was interesting since all the items included were only jewelry & a small food trinket.

The necklace was the first thing I pulled out of the bag and I honestly my exhale was to an extreme.  The necklace looks like something a child would make at summer camp who loves Katniss.  I was so disappointed in the quality and how it looked – I’m a paying adult.  I do not want to wear jewelry that looks like it came out of a quarter machine outside the grocery store.

The bracelet was the best part of this box but I am 99% sure I’m going to break it.  It’s a bangle that requires being bent to get it on your wrist – however there is no hinge, so I’m literally bending the metal.  It’s going to snap at some point.  It’s just a matter of when.

The pin was cute. But let’s be honest – it’s more of a display piece.  I don’t wear pins; never have and never will.  So on my cork board it goes, and there it shall stay.

And finally, the waste of all wastes of space, the sugar cubes.  If someone only watches the movies, they will have absolutely NO idea why they’re in the box (can I even call this a box?).  But more so, what on earth am I going to do with these.

The quality on the whole for all these pieces is very poor and I’m sure that most of them will be broken in a very short amount of time.

I’m also very disappointed to say that I was charged for next month’s box BEFORE I received this box, so I will be receiving next month’s box as well.  It will take a ton to bring this box up into even being comparable with the other jewelry subscription boxes I subscribe to, but as of right now, after next month I am definitely DONE with Fandomly.

If you do like the above items and, for some reason, would like to subscribe, you’re an angel and I wish you the best of luck with this box.  Feel free to head over to their site and sign on – fingers crossed it gets better in the future for you.


4 thoughts on “Fandomly – November 2015

  1. Heather Wheat says:

    I appreciate your review, because I’ve experienced nothing but problems since signing up. They’ve charged me for THREE boxes and I haven’t received anything at all. I have sent several emails asking when I will receive the packages, and left several comments on their Instagram account, but I’ve received no response. I finally sent one telling whomever monitors the account to cancel my subscription and just not send me anything.

    I STILL haven’t received a response, or any of the three boxes for which I’ve been charged.

    If anyone has an idea of how to contact the people in charge, please let me know! If they continue to be unresponsive and do not send the purchased boxes, I will be forced to initiate fraud procedures through my bank.

    Thinking about doing a post about it on my own blog, and linking back to yours.



    • Logan Ashley says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with this box! It’s so unfortunate that companies like this exist and take advantage of their subscribers. If you log into the Fandomly website and look at your account, you can cancel your subscription to ensure you won’t be charged anymore. Unfortunately if they’re not responding to emails or instagram comments, I don’t have any other suggestions on how to contact them. I’m so sorry about your experience with them and I sincerely hope they fix this without forcing you to take legal action. Xx.


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