Uppercase Box – November 2015


This month’s Uppercase Box was wonderful and yet again, reminds me of why I subscribe to this amazing subscription box.

Continue reading for all the details!

My favorite thing about Uppercase is that it doesn’t have a theme. They don’t pick books based on a theme, which would limit the which books they could send every month.

Uppercase chooses the best new YA release they can find each and every month regardless of genre and most of the time, they’re books I’ve never heard of.

This month’s book, Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin is one that I’ve never heard of but as a huge fan of historical fiction I am so excited about this concept.

Bookish goodies included an autographed bookplate, a beautiful art print and a Wolf by Wolf button!

I love how many bookish goodies Uppercase includes. I am a huge fan of signed books so the signed bookplate they include every month (at least it has been included every month for the 8 months I’ve been apart of it) is a huge perk for me.

In addition to the Wolf by Wolf print, there was a beautiful, custom art print made exclusively for Uppercase by Risa Rodil. I absolutely love this art print and was obsessed the first few months they were included in spring. Fingers crossed for more of them!

Lastly, there is a keychain by PeachyApricot featuring not only a pile of books but also a cat sleeping on top! How could any book lover not adore it?

Compared to the last few months, this month’s box went down a little bit in rating for me but I’d still give it a solid 3 / 5 Stars this month. The last 3 months have absolutely blown me away and I’m definitely looking forward to next month!

If you’re interested in receiving a future Uppercase box, head over to their website and sign up! It’s super worth it!


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