Bookish Box – November 2015


The Bookish Box by Appraising Pages has finally arrived and this month’s Fantasy box was absolutely STUNNING!  It only makes me that much more curious for what the December box will bring!

This month’s box was themed Fantasy and included plenty of goodies from so many series that it made me giddy with excitement!

The first item I pulled out was a bag that had antlers on it and I was confused because at first, all I saw was filler paper inside.  Upon emptying it though, I FREAKED.

A silver antler ring by The Geeky Cauldron and a burnished gold midi ring in the shape of a crown by Appraising Pages were hidden at the bottom of the bag.  I was absolutely ecstatic.  I’ve already worn both, twice, and I have received so many compliments on them!

I’m a huge jewelry person (hence why I subscribe to both Flitwick’s and Fandom of the Month club), so when my other boxes start including jewelry, I get really excited!

The next item was handmade cookies made by Songbird Sweets.  They’re inspired by Game of Thrones and are in the shape of Dragon Eggs (including the frosting for added detail!)  and let me tell you, these cookies are delicious!!

Next was a gorgeous art print inspired by Alice in Wonderland (the Cheshire Cat specifically) by Skahfee Studios.  The artwork is absolutely beautiful and I’m so excited to frame it!

Two Trees Botanicals worked with The Bookish Box a few months ago with a Deathly Hallows inspired air plant.  This month however, they were inspired by another fantasy book, A Court of Thorns and Roses.  This gorgeous mini terrarium features moss and fake roses, along with a live air plant!  All it needs is water and light – even I can’t mess that up, right?

The terrarium is so beautiful, and also comes with string and a loop at the top of the glass in order to allow it to be hung if chosen.  Currently, I have mine sitting on my window ledge, but once I have a place for it, I’ll definitely be hanging it up.

And finally, the shirt of the month by Appraising Pages featured The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.  The shirt reads:
“Pure and Piercing Certainty – Thorn of Mystery and Shadow, There is No End to Our Story.”

I received the high-low T-Shirt cut (I’ve been testing the different cuts the last few months) and this is absolutely my favorite yet.  The scoop neck is perfect and length of the sleeves is great.  No cutting up this shirt!  I only wish I had gotten last month’s shirt in this style.

The November Box has ZERO complaints from me – every single item exceeded my expectations (and trust me, my expectations are super high for this box).  So excited for next month’s box, which is already sold out!

If you’d like to get your hands on January’s box, head over to The Bookish Box website for all the details on how!


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