The Fan Empire – November 2015


I saw the theme of The Fan Empire and I decided I had to try it – why not?

Well…it could have been worse.

Alright well the first thing I noticed was the packaging.  Similar to Fandomly, The Fan Empire came in a black padded envelope and was very lacking in decoration and/or ‘pizzazz’.  It just looked like your typical padded envelope.

And honestly, the best part is guessing what’s inside…and this almost felt like it didn’t weigh anything.  Therefore my hopes weren’t too high.

The watch was the sneak peek item this month, so I knew that was coming and truth be told, I love it!  It’s super cute and runs with no issues.  My only worry with it (and this is because I work with watches and jewelry) is there isn’t a notch that I can find to take the back casing off, meaning changing the battery might be a battle.  It can be done of course, I’ll just need a lot of patience!  Fingers crossed it lives for a while.

The other items paled in comparison to the watch.  The stickers were fairly cheap and after speaking with a few other recipients of the box, they didn’t even get recognizable characters from the series, which of course, isn’t fun.  I’m lucky I got two Rons and a Hermione.

The broomstick pen writes well but it seemed very flimsy. I’ll use it, as who can ever complain about more pens?  But I’m not sure how long it’ll last before the bristles start falling out.

The Hogwarts Express ticket was lovely and I have it hanging on my corkboard of nerdy-goodness, but the Hogwarts Acceptance letter seemed like something I could print off Microsoft Word. The envelope however, was perfect (even the wax seal), so I’ll definitely be saving that.

Overall, this box was a meh.  The only thing I loved was the watch and of course, I’d like to love at least half of the items included.

For $15.95, I expected more and unfortunately won’t be keeping this box, however I am really glad I got my hands on that watch!

To those of you who may have received this box and were also let down, after speaking with Erin Marshall, the owner of The Geeky Cauldron and the Fandom of the Month Club box, she said,
“If I had these watches made I would sell them for around $15 alone in my shop.”

Which with paying a bit more than that for the box itself, it’s great to know that the watch pretty much covered the cost of the box if I were to buy it on it’s own.  It’s a comfort to know that I at least got my money’s worth from it.

If you’re interested in getting a future The Fan Empire box, please head over to their site and find out how to sign up!


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