Flitwick’s Box – December 2015


This month’s Flitwick’s Box was all winter, silver and STUNNING.  I’m so excited to share with you the details of the wintry wonderland inside the box!

First of all, not only am I thrilled with the box this month, but so is my mom!  She’s already stolen the necklace from me twice, so I know this month was a winner.

First of all, the necklace was the first spoiler shown off to the world to get people excited and I was not disappointed!

It’s a double layer necklace with CZ’s embedded in each of the two snowflakes (yes, they are connected – it’s one necklace!).  From the spoiler photo, I wasn’t expecting the large snowflake to be quite as large as it actually is, but it’s gorgeous and is so simple and dainty.  It adds so much to any outfit!

Next, I had the bracelet which was the second spoiler Flitwick’s released.  If you’re interested in seeing future items in upcoming boxes, be sure to visit their Instagram!

I absolutely love this pearl and CZ bracelet.  It’s so cute and chunky, and with my tiny wrists, it actually fits perfectly!  I am so thrilled it fits and isn’t flopping all over the place – definitely a winner.

And finally, the surprise item this month was the ring and it is SO CUTE.  Unfortunately, my size 5 fingers couldn’t squeeze it small enough so I’ve got a tiny piece of band-aid on the inside of it in hopes it won’t fall off, but I love it and definitely will be wearing it when I’m not working/doing something where it could go flying off.

Overall, this month was a HUGE win for Flitwick’s!  Next months theme is Geometric items and the two sneak peeks they’ve posted on Instagram look like winners to me!

If you’re interested in snagging a future Flitwick’s Box, be sure to visit their website and sign up!


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