The Iceberg Hermit by Arthur Roth – Review

The Iceberg Hermit

3.5 / 5 stars

Goodreads Description
Shipwrecked in 1757 on an iceberg in the Arctic seas with only an orphaned polar bear cub for companionship, seventeen-year-old Allan begins a seemingly hopeless struggle for survival.

My Review
This was a favorite book when I was a child and I am so grateful to my aunt who gave it to me, as it was one of her favorites growing up as well.

This book is such a wonderful adventure that is so well written for children.  Rereading it as an adult, it definitely allows me to see it from a different perspective and while the writing is definitely more middle grade, it’s still a great story with a lot of subtle messages woven within its pages.

I love the main character, Allen, and how he teaches readers not to always live up to the expectations others set for you, and how he is always looking for new ways to be creative and innovative.

Overall, this is such a great book for children and I’m so glad I reread it and am able review it as an adult!

Definitely for children ages 9+!

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