Charm with Me Club – January 2016


The very first Charm with Me Club box was Game of Thrones themed.  Definitely a wonderful start to this new subscription company!

Keep reading for a coupon code to get your hands on your own box!

The Charm with Me Club is an amazing new subscription company that offers some amazing fandom products with great themes every month!

As an employee for Pandora, I know what is expected in the charm business and what customers like.  And as an avid collector of these charms, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY with their first month!

“Real” charms from big companies such as Pandora run on average between $40 and $80 per charm, as they’re generally solid sterling silver.

The charms included with this box are stainless steel plated with sterling silver which keeps the price down (yay!).  Each box contains two unique charms, completely custom designed by the owners of Charm with Me.

At $19.99 for two charms, there is not a complaint in the world regarding price from me!  This is a fantastic way to acquire more charms at a quick rate and a low price – they’ve made a fan out of me!

The first charm this month was the featured charm that was promoted on their Instagram account, the Dragon Egg.  It was a gorgeous round charm with blue crystals patterned throughout.  It absolutely makes for a wonderful spacer charm, even if someone isn’t the biggest fan of Game of Thrones.

The second charm was the surprise charm, and that was the Castle!  This amazing charm was added in order to ‘protect the dragon egg’ however, subscribers who aren’t the biggest fans of GoT can use it as a castle from any other fandom (Disney, Harry Potter, LotR, etc) that involves a castle.

Both of these charms were absolutely gorgeous and such a great addition to my Pandora bracelets.

In addition with this subscriptions two charms that subscribers receive every month, new subscribers receive a bracelet to add their charms onto.  There are two options, a blank, black leather option, or a silver option that already has quite a few starter basic charms (all stainless steel with silver plating).

I opted for the silver bracelet option (as I am not one to pass up so extra charms!) and the bracelet was beautiful!  It also came with a safety chain (a huge bonus in the Pandora world), as well as 11 starter charms.

All of them are very versatile in the fact that they all fit easily onto a Pandora bracelet.  And if your worried about screwing them onto the bracelet and them getting stuck?  Not worries – they slide right on!  The center hole is a bit bigger than the Pandora (or other name brand) threading, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting stuck on your bracelet.

The only issue I had with this is that the starter bracelet only comes in one size – a 20cm.  I have incredibly tiny wrists (like, the wrists of a 12 year old), and unfortunately can’t wear the bracelet that came with my first package, as it falls right over my hand.

Luckily however, I have plenty of Pandora bracelets to throw the beautiful charms on and display them proudly!

I am so blown away at the quality and shipping speed this company displayed – their customer service is phenomenal as well!

I’d love to welcome to all to test out this brand new subscription box company.  They’ve been wonderful enough to offer me a discount code to offer to you!  It works on all their boxes, 1 / 3 / 6 months worth and will get you 10% off!

Be sure to type in BOOKELVES at checkout to receive your discount!

This month’s theme is Harry Potter / The Walking Dead.  You’ll receive 2 charms from your chosen theme.  I’m signed up for Harry Potter – which will you grab?


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