Flitwick’s Box – January 2016


This month’s Flitwick’s Box was Geometric themed and these rose gold pieces just had me falling in love!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to love this month if I’m being totally honest – I’m not a big fan of geometric jewelry.  After working 2 and a half years at Charming Charlie, I saw a lot of trends come and go and when the Geo jewelry came out, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I’ll tell you this though – it didn’t look like the pieces included in this month’s box.

This month’s Flitwick’s was GORGEOUS.  Rose gold is such a huge trend right now, I’m so glad that they used that to their advantage with these pieces.

The ring is adjustable and fits wonderfully on my long fingers.  I’m not sure of the metal used in these pieces, but fingers crossed the rose gold coloring doesn’t change over time – especially since I’m going to be wearing these pieces A TON.

The necklace was dainty and absolutely perfect with the earrings and ring (both bigger and chunkier items).  I’m so relieved that they went with a smaller design on the necklace and allowed it to be a bit longer as well.

I also loved the color (sky blue) in with the rose gold – it’s a combo that I haven’t seen done very often but works beautifully.

The only complaint I have with the necklace is that the adjustable chain is actually made of smaller links that the regular necklace chain. So I guess that makes me wonder if I’m supposed to let it hang as a detail down my neck or if that is a manufacturing flaw.  Either way, it’s long enough that I can throw it on over my head and not worry about it.

The earrings were gorgeous as well and definitely a huge change from the last few earrings Flitwick’s has done.  They’re much bigger than the chunky studs they’ve generally included in the last few boxes, however I absolutely love these!

Unfortunately the backings of mine didn’t fit and fell right off the post, but I’ve got such a huge collection of extra earring backs, it was a problem easily solved.

Overall this box was 3 / 3 – wonderful!  I loved all the pieces included this month and am so glad that they did a month with rose gold.

If you’re interested in receiving a future Flitwick’s Box, be sure to check out their website for all the details on how!


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