Flightless Bird by Bret Bucci – Review

Flightless Bird

I was provided a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

3 / 5 Stars

Goodreads Description
Sage Barnaby never asked for this soulless and friendless existence, but despite being unwelcome, the darkness found her and made her its companion. When her sister fell sick Sage became desperate, so she turned to the one malevolent thing that could reverse her sister’s fate, but she was cheated.

In a final effort for redemption, Sage summons her guardian angel, which just happens to be the most beautiful and arrogant creature in Heaven and Hell. They embark on a grim and twisted journey to uncover a sacred object that might have the power to save her soul. Sage and the angel face a series of challenges that test their loyalty and their morality, and together, they come to discover that their quest decide more than Sage’s fate alone. Sage Barnaby gave up everything to save her sister, but she died anyway. Now she has nothing left to lose, and that makes her very, very dangerous.

My Review
Alright well first of all, the cover is gorgeous.  I was absolutely in love with it the second I opened the package from my mailbox.

The title of the book had me a little confused and honestly, even after reading the blurb about it, I still didn’t understand where the name came from.  It was only after reading a few chapters in that the name made sense and I understood why it was titled what it was.

The characters – well, Lial was cool, but on a personal level, he seemed jumpy.  He didn’t seem to flow or develop in an gradual sense – he just seemed to pick what mood he was in or how he felt and then jumped to something else the next time we heard from him.  He wasn’t consistent and that bothered me with a character.

Sage, on the other hand, was too consistent.  Her goals throughout the book never shifted and she fought for what she wanted.  But there were too many times where I wanted to just shake her and yell “WHAT ARE YOU DOING.”  She wasn’t the brightest in all situations and did things that were the complete opposite of what I felt the scene was setting her up to do.

Then came the plot.

Honestly, there were points in this book that I was uncomfortable.  There were some really graphic scenes that made me want to squirm but at the same time, the characters weren’t responding the way I thought they would.

Let me make something clear here, because I probably sound like I didn’t like this book.  The book was good.  It just seemed disconnected.  Like there were all the good pieces but they weren’t put together in the right order.  They just needed a little bit more polishing up and boom, there would be a masterpiece.

There were points where I wanted to stop reading and just not finish, but then something would happen where I really got excited and looked forward to what was to come.  So I finished it and it turns out that it was a good read.

50 / 50.  I wouldn’t say it’s awful, but if you’ve got something else to read, maybe read that first and then save this for a rainy day.



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