The Best Damn Book Box – January 2016


January’s Best Damn Book Box was featuring none other than Alice in Wonderland – such an amazing classic that we were all eager to see what kind of wild goodies were included!

If you’re interested in getting a box of your own, be sure to use the coupon code at the bottom of this post to save you 30%!

This month’s Best Damn Book Box was STUFFED with some absolutely amazing goodies.  When I first picked up the box, I was honestly blown away with how heavy it was – I didn’t realize just how much was going to be in it!

There was the regular description card with all the details of the items (which I ignored until after sifting through the box), a detailed map of Wonderland, and an admission ticket into Wonderland.  And what else did they welcome me with?  TONS.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was two little flower shaped soaps by Enchanted Storybook Spa.  Honestly, these little guys smell absolutely AMAZING and I’m going to be so sad when they’re gone.  My only complaint with these were that they were just packaged in a Ziploc bag – really wasn’t the cutest way to package but still, the quality of the product easily makes up for it.

The next item was a chocolate dipped & designed oreo by Meechie Kreations.  Okay, I won’t lie, I was skeptical when I saw it in the ribbon tied bag.  I really wasn’t too sure about it.  And then I bit into and and swore I was taken to Wonderland – it was DELICIOUS and can only hope that more sweets from this shop will be included in the future.

The next item was from the Best Damn Book Box themselves, and it was a keychain with a little stoppered bottle that read “Drink Me” on the sides (along with a photo of Alice), a Cheshire Cat charm and a key charm as well.  This keychain was absolutely adorable and shall be well loved!

The Best Damn Book Boxalso contributed to this month’s box with an AMAZING smelling candle. This Alice themed Jar candle is fantastic and I love the way it looks. Definitely a favorite – mostly because I’m just a weakling when it comes to candles.

Next was the beautiful double sided bookmark by NerdTrends, and I’m so sad I couldn’t show both sides in the above photo (but there will be one on Instagram soon!)  The charm was so cute to hang off the side of the books and I love that the blue caterpillar was included!

Finally, the book – or should I say bookS!  I was so amazed to see not one, but two books in this month’s box!  The first was the traditional, Alice in Wonderland – a mini pocket copy which I love.  Really, you can never have too many copies of Alice in Wonderland.  Secondly, I was interested to see the title Once Upon a Zombie, which I suppose is a creepier version of certain fairytale retellings.  Regardless I’m eager to get into it and see what it’s all about!

This box was so stuffed with goodies, I was amazed with how much she managed to fit in!  I thought everything was amazing and I’ll be able to put all of it to use.  I can’t wait for next month’s Sleeping Beauty themed box!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a future box, head over to The Best Damn Book Box website to find out all the details on how!  If you decide to order, be sure to use the code THEBOOKELVES30 to get 30% off your order!


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