Litcube – February 2016


This month’s Litcube was featured Classic Romance and oh my goodness the entire box was absolutely lovely and amazing and incredible – there aren’t enough words to explain how much I loved everything.

I have to admit that I kind of love that the last two month’s of Litcube, there have been snacks included.  This month’s Snackable was by Jack Valley Truffles which provided some Lavender Lemon Truffles.  Quite a luxurious snack for a very romantic box!

The book that Litcube chose to include this month was the classic Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and this edition is just absolutely breathtaking.  I truly love this copy and am so glad to be able to add it to my classics collection.  Perfect to enjoy while eating those truffles.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that this version of Pride & Prejudice was exclusively printed for Litcube!  There are other minimalist-designed, classics in this style are coming soon to Amazon.

Fiction Fragrances created an amazing Elizabeth Bennet inspired fragrance, which smells absolutely amazing.  Slightly floral with a hint of strawberry!  I’ll definitely be wearing this on many occasions.  It smells delicious!

Hello Happy Art has been apart of many past subscription boxes I’ve received and I’m always excited to see their adorable bookmarks included!  They featured an exclusively designed set of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth magnetic bookmarks.  So adorable!

Another exclusive item, I absolutely adore Chick-Lit Designs and I am absolutely over the moon about this beautifully designed Wuthering Heights wallet.  The side is like a regular book binding with the title and author, and the back features the quote:
“He’s more myself than I am.  Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”
– Emily Brontë

It’s super roomy and has tons of pockets (including space for my phone without it’s case!) and also comes with a wristlet strap for when I don’t want to carry around my entire purse.  I absolutely adore this wallet and have already transferred all my stuff into it so I can use it!  Definitely going to be a permanent addition in my purse.

Also included was a Pride & Prejudice 5×7 art print.  I adore it and will add it to my collection of someday to be framed and hung art prints!

This box was just a total 10/10 and I loved every single detail included.  I always love the fact that Litcube includes values for what things would cost if purchased separately (not taking into consideration limited edition/exclusively produced items), and this month’s box was worth a grand total of: $84.94.

The box only costs $29.99 plus shipping – that is in INSANE haul and I’m so glad to be apart of Litcube!

That being said, if you’d like to receive a future Litcube, be sure to visit their website for all the details on how!


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