Charm With Me Club – February 2016


February’s Charm With Me Club featured two of my all time favorite fandoms – Harry Potter and The Walking Dead.  The charms for each were amazing and I’m so glad I signed on for both!

Charm With Me Club only started in January, but they have taken off to new levels with their second month.  They are a fandom charm subscription company that not only includes beautiful charms but also includes exclusively designed, custom charms for their subscribers!

Each theme includes two charms (one custom design and one standard design) which fit all sorts of charm bracelets, including Pandora, Chamilia, Troll, Charmed Memories, Biagi and more!

Each new order also comes with your choice of a double wrap leather bracelet or a standard metal bracelet stocked with filler charms for you to incorporate into your fandom charms as you receive them each month.

February featured 2 themes, something the company has decided to avoid in the future if possible, but it involved some absolutely gorgeous charms!

The first theme to be shipped was the Harry Potter – Acceptance to Hogwarts package!  This featured two adorable charms for the bracelet including:

– A gold toned owl, which was the standard charm for this theme.
– A Warner Brothers Studio licensed Acceptance Letter charm

Both of these charms are absolutely adorable.  The owl is perfect for the bracelet and fits wonderfully in the middle – and I love the gold tone!

The acceptance letter is a bit big for the bracelet but I love wearing it on my leather bracelet as a necklace (if you don’t double it up, it turns into a 16″ pendant wrap.

Both charms are of amazing quality and blend right into my Pandora bracelet!

The second theme to be shipped was sent out later in the month (due to some issues in production) but it was absolutely worth the wait!  The Walking Dead charms featured:

– A dangle pistol
– A ‘walker’ head with an arm hanging out if it’s mouth

The pistol is a little big, but not too bad.  It’ll look so awesome as a pendant but I have it on my bracelet at the moment and it looks amazing!

The walker is just adorable – way more adorable than a walker should be.  The arm even has a little bit of red detailing to it to make it look a tad more realistic.  This was the exclusive, custom designed charm done by the Charm With Me team!

I just adore all the charms included in this month’s package and I’m so glad to have received both.  All of them have found homes on my bracelets and I love showing them off to people.  I cannot wait for next month’s Nightmare Before Christmas charms as I’m a huge NBC fan!

If you’re interested in signing up for a future round of Charm With Me, sign ups close on the 4th!  There’s also a coupon code good until the 29th, THISISHALLOWEEN – good for 13% off your new order!

Be sure to check out their site for all the details and to sign up now!


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