Bonus Round Box – March 2016


The very first Bonus Round Box has been released into the world and my nerdy guy absolutely LOVED this month’s Batman VS Superman themed box!

The theme, perfectly correlating with the release of the long anticipated movie, is absolutely perfect in timing and in quality of items.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect with this first box, but I am so thrilled that I was able to get one for my boyfriend.  I didn’t even open it until he was here and I let him do the honors cutting the tape.  He pulled each item out carefully and fanboyed pretty hard if I do say so myself.

The first item was the art print, featuring both Batman and Superman.  It was a little creased from being rolled in the box, but nothing a good frame can’t fix.  He’s absolutely obsessed with this and cannot wait to hang it up.

The next item was a Superman inspired Pint Glass which reads:
“The Metropolis Gastro Pub”

Boyfriend is a huge fan of anything alcohol/beer related so I think that item was the point when the box hit a home run.

But then it got better!  Hidden amongst the tissue paper was an amazing Batman Bottle Opener Keychain.  He instantly reached for his keys to put it on (before I stopped him and reminded him I needed to take photos), but he loved it so much.

Finally, the shirt, the big item in the box.  This month’s featured Batman, and read:
“For I am your soul.  You cannot escape me.”

I am useless when it comes to Batman/Superman trivia so I don’t know what point in which movie this references but he was so thrilled with it, I don’t think it matters.

I will tell you the shirts run a bit big.  He’s usually a large, so that’s what we ordered (also because he refused to be measured), and this is pretty baggy on him.  We’re hoping it shrinks a bit in the wash, but I think he would have fit perfectly into a medium.

His only complaint wasn’t the shirt however, it was that Batman had a 2:1 ratio over Superman in the box and he would have preferred them to be equal for the fans out there who like one over the other.

Regardless he absolutely adored everything included in this box and he is so excited to show off his new nerd gear!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Bonus Round Box for you or your nerdy guy, click here to grab a future box!


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