The Best Damn Book Box – February 2016


This month’s Sleeping Beauty inspired Best Damn Book Box definitely made me want to relax for a hundred years!

The theme of the February Best Damn Book Box was Sleeping Beauty/Lazy Sunday, and I think it hit the nail on the head with this month’s goodies!

The first item I found in my box was a bit confusing as I originally thought they were lollipops, only to find that they had fallen out of their ‘bouquet’ and were actually soaps shaped like roses!  This unique item by Ready Made Gifts was absolutely adorable and smelled amazing!  However, there was another soap item included last month.

The next item was a bit more straightforward, and was ALSO an item that was included in last month’s box, and the month before.  Another candle, this time from From The Page (one of my favorite candle companies).  They created an original scent for this box, featuring Red Velvet and Vanilla.

This month’s box did include a bath bomb, which hasn’t been done before.  This rose scented bath bomb by Sugar & Soy smells fantastic and I cannot wait to use it!

A red velvet flavored lip gloss was hidden among the items as well.  It tastes just as good as it sounds, so I’m thrilled with Enchanted Storybook Spa for including such a useful product!

And finally the Best Damn Craft Shop included a creation of their own – a set of earrings.  Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of these and I’m a bit confused what a set of wings has to do with the theme.  I think if there was a necklace and earrings it could have been passed off as the three fairys, but I’m not sure how these correlate with the rest of the box.


Last but not least, the book included this month is Asleep by Krystal Wade.  An independently published author, this twist of Sleeping Beauty certainly looks eerie, and I cannot wait to get into it!

Overall, I was disappointed with this month.  Last month seemed to have so much more bang for your buck, and unfortunately, this month missed the mark by copying so many items included in the January (and December) Box and just offering variations of the same things.

Hopefully next month, my final month with this company, will be a bit better!  If you’re interested in getting your own Best Damn Book Box, be sure to click here to sign up!  And use the coupon code THEBOOKELVES30 for 30% off your order!


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