Charm With Me Club – March 2016


This month’s Charm With Me Club featured charms from one of my all-time favorite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas!

This month, in addition to the two themed charms, there was a bonus involving two ‘filler’ charms.

The filler charms were simple, round charms with CZs, featuring one black enamel and one white enamel.  They’re super cute and make great fillers, but they’re quite a bit bigger than the other charms.

I think used on a necklace might work for these, but on a bracelet, these are pretty big and will hang significantly lower than the rest of the charms.

But these WERE an added bonus.

The real goodies were the themed Nightmare Before Christmas Charms.

The first, featuring an adorable smiling Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin.  Definitely one of the cutest ones they’ve had to date – I love it!

The other, the one I was hoping for, Jack Skellington himself.  His coloring is a bit darker than the other charms, and I’ve heard a few rumors of the charm changing colors on people already, so I suppose time will tell, but as he is straight from the package, I’m in love!

I definitely don’t think this was Charm With Me‘s best month, but it definitely could have been worse.

Next month’s Civil War themed charms are sure to be awesome!  Featuring some of our favorite superheroes, I’m really excited.

Be sure to check out the Charm With Me Club site to sign up for next month – spots are limited!


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