Flitwick’s Box – March 2016


This month’s Flitwick’s Box was as beautiful as ever, featuring lots of gold, sparkle and beautiful bows!

The only month I skipped out on from Flitwick’s was the February Box, and I regretted it instantly as the items started popping up on social media.

I renewed my subscription this month and here I am with the March Box!

This month’s theme was bows and this was as girly and sparkly a box as you can get!

The first item was the ring – a double banded gold tone with CZ Rhinestones lining the band and a gold bow connecting the two.  This was an absolutely adorable ring, however it didn’t fit my tiny fingers!  When I tried to squeeze it tighter, the poor thing snapped with too much pressure.

I emailed the Flitwick’s Support team and my replacement is already on it’s way!  Their customer service is just incredible and I’m so grateful to them for being so responsive.

The next item was the bracelet, and collection of five unique strands, all tied together with a pink bow.  All featuring gold detailing, each strand featured faux pearls, CZ stones, pink stones, gold beads and more.  This bracelet was a little much for me, but without the bow, they are all separate pieces, so toning down the look isn’t too difficult at all!

The final item was my absolutely favorite and was the simplest and easiest to wear of them all.  The gold tone bow necklace features encrusted CZs on the bow itself, and even better, is entirely adjustable.

Wearing it as a longer pendant, or slide the bow up and go for a choker look.  So convenient and great for tops with every type of neckline – I’ve only had the box a few days and I’ve already worn it twice!

This month’s Flitwick’s Box on Social Media seemed to be either a smash hit or a total miss.  This has sparked a lot of talks about what will be in the box’s future, but I think we can expect some awesome designs in future Flitwick’s, as the Maynard girls (the owners of the box are @thesorcerersphone and @thegeekycauldron if you didn’t know!) are always so awesome with taking feedback and moving forward.

Who else is excited to see what Flitwick’s will do?  I know I am – if you’d like to get your hands on a future Flitwick’s Box, head on over to their site and sign on up! 


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