Once Upon a Bookcase – March 2016


It has taken me ALL month to post my review of the March Once Upon a Bookcase box, but I was just speechless with how beautiful not only my subscription box was, but the extra box I simply HAD to order!

This month’s Anything & Everything Box and Manly Man box were the same.  And the theme was “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare”.  This was such a classic box, I was so excited to see the goodies included!

The beautiful art print this month featured one of the many famous lines from one of Shakespeare’s many works, which read:
“It is not in the stars to hold our own destiny, but in ourselves.”

I think the black and grey monochromatic look to the print is fabulous as well as the quote itself!

Next was a set of 5, blank note cards & envelopes, featuring the same artwork as the phone case with the title “The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare”.  I write so many letters and notes, these are perfect for me!

A gold tone ‘feather quill’ stylus was absolutely ADORABLE for this box, as a twist of both old and new.  Such an awesome add-on!

The ‘bigger’ item this month was a theater/masquerade mask which is GORGEOUS.  I have it on display on my bookshelf and can’t wait to feature it in some future photos.

Finally, the phone case.  Same style as the others, this book was “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” and was so classic and beautiful.  I was so thrilled that this was the book of choice this month.


Nope, Once Upon A Bookcase had a few spare boxes this month, and after seeing spoilers on Instagram of this month’s Girly Girl box, who could blame me for snatching it up?


This month’s Girly Girl theme by Once Upon a Bookcase was Gone With The Wind – a box full of southern charm!

This box featured a phone case in a muted Magenta and Cream color, featuring the book, “Gone With The Wind”.  This case is SO classy, I had to have it for myself.

Along with the phone case, the goodies were just too perfect to pass on.

The art print for this box was simple and classic, reading:
“After all, tomorrow is another day.”

I loved that the background was white as it made the colors in the flowers POP.

The first item was the ‘bigger’ one and that was the gorgeous accordian fan.  I don’t have shelves big enough to display it the way I want to, but I am always figuring out how I want it to sit!

The next item was the CUTEST thing ever, a dress shaped cookie cutter!  I cannot wait to make some fashion-forward cookies with this creative and unique item.

And finally, the change purse, featuring a pretty pink, floral print.  Not too small either!

Honestly, I held back from using the words “classy” and “classic” so much in this review, because this box oozed class and sophistication.  I am SO glad that I grabbed both boxes this month and splurged a bit – totally worth it!

Because I’m so late with posting this, the April boxes are already on their way!  But head on over to the website for Once Upon a Bookcase and sign up for your own box in May!  These boxes are incredible – you don’t want to miss out!


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