Uppercase Box – March 2016


There have been very few months that I’ve ever had anything negative to say about Uppercase Box, and this month continues that trend as it is absolutely beautiful!

This month, I was broke (surprise, as I’m a college student) and had to switch my subscription to the Book Exclusive option of Uppercase.  This is a fantastic choice for those who can’t afford the book boxes with all the items, but still want to receive a great book every month.

With that, I received Rebel in the Sands by Alywn Hamilton, one of the books I’ve been eyeing since starting my book buying ban at the beginning of last month.  I was SO THRILLED to have it included in this month’s package so I could stop pestering people about it.

Along with the gorgeous book, there was a signed bookplate (which seriously, has to be my favorite part of Uppercase), followed by my second favorite part, the handwritten note from Lisa.  I adore Uppercase for this reason, it feels so personal and like it was created with love.

The final piece was the two business card looking stickers included for the release of the book – it’s so great that you still get all the bookish swag included in the lower plan – definitely makes you feel like you’re still apart of the box!

Such a fantastic month for Uppercase, as usual.  I HAD to look at the items I missed from the upgraded plan and one of them I already added on to be shipped with my box next month!

If you’re interested in getting an Uppercase Box, head on over to their site and pick the plan that’s best for your budget!


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