Bookish Box – March 2016


This month’s Bookish Box featured items inspired by the works of debut authors/aspiring authors!  So many beautiful pieces, I don’t know where to even start!

As many of you know, I’m hopeful to one day be considered a debut author, but in the meantime I dream and live vicariously through other debut authors tweets and stories.

That being said, this box made me smile with the prospect of someday, I too could be represented by an item in one of these beautiful subscription boxes I love so much.

That being said, this month’s box really jumped out at me.

The first item was a pair of earrings by LulaBelle & Co.  They’re so simple delicate but still pack quite a punch!  I cannot wait to wear these, as they’ll go with EVERYTHING!

Da Bomb Fizzers, a company started by teens, contributed with a quote bath bomb – a bath bomb with a little something extra; a quote when it dissolves!  I can’t wait to see which famous quote I got and fingers crossed for some inspiration & relaxation!

The minds behind The Bookish Box at Appraising Pages came up with another item in addition to the beautiful T-Shirt this month.  This flip book of various sticky notes has already come in MEGA handy, seeing as I put notes literally everywhere.

Evie Seo contributed to this month’s box and I ADORE her designs, so getting a pillowcase inspired by An Ember in the Ashes was just overwhelming.  I instantly stuffed one of my pillows into it and have been enjoying it ever since – so gorgeous!!

Finally the shirt of the month, by Appraising Pages, was inspired by the novel Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.  This book received so much praise, I am SO thrilled to have a shirt inspired by such a powerful book.

This month’s box, as I said before, was just inspiring to me.  I cannot thank The Bookish Box enough for featuring newly discovered authors.  This box was just perfect.  I loved absolutely everything and as usual, this box makes me antsy for next month’s as soon as the current months’ arrives!

If you’re eager to get your hands on a future Bookish Box, head to their website!  But hurry, they sell out quick!


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