Fandom of the Month Club – March 2016


The March Fandom of the Month Club featured heroes that pack quite a punch, specifically some of your favorite Avengers!

The March Fandom of the Month Club was released just in time to wear all the goodies to the theater for the release of Captain America: Civil War.  No coincidence there, but definitely no complaints from the Marvel fangirls out there!

This month wasn’t my all time favorite but it definitely had some high points for me!

The bag this month featuring Nick Fury’s eyepatch is pretty awesome in my book, and Loki being the star of this month’s magnet had zero complaints from me as well.  Both were perfect and went right along with the Avengers/Marvel theme!

The first piece of actual jewelry I pulled from the box was the Spiderman Bracelet.  I know, you’re all thinking Spiderman isn’t an Avenger.  Well, he WAS featured in the new Civil War trailer so it’s pretty apparent he’ll be in the movie at some point.

That being said this bracelet gave me some issues.  Number one, it was way to big for my wrist, not only wrist-size wise (it fell right off and couldn’t be squeezed small enough without looking weird), but also actual bracelet width wise.  It was pretty massive and just too much for me.

The other issue I had was the Spiderman charm, as it was only linked to the bracelet in one place and therefore bounced, turned and flipped with any bit of movement, which got a bit annoying really fast.  Honestly, if I was gonna wear it, I’d take Spiderman off and wear it as a spider web bracelet.  But it’s still too big, so this piece was just a no for me.

The second piece was the exact opposite.  Captain America got a pair of earrings featuring his incredible shield, and these have got to be my favorite piece. Can you say perfect for every patriotic holiday ever?

Not only that but they now hold the spot for the biggest earrings included in a FOTM box! I love big earrings so these were a definite win for me!

The next piece was a bit of a dud as well, the Iron Man necklace.  It wasn’t what I was expecting and honestly looked kind of cheap to me.  The best part was probably the length of the chain (it was long!) and the fact that it glows in the dark.  Two winning features that instantly put it above the bracelet, but still not a favorite.

Finally, the Thor ring, featuring his hammer.  This was such a unique idea and I actually ended up loving it!  I wasn’t sure pulling it out of the box but once it was on it was a really subtle and cool way to show off my fangirl love for this Asgardian.

I was super pleased with the ring & earrings, but not so happy with the bracelet and necklace.  This was the first month that I was split, 50/50 on the pieces.

I definitely think this was one of the weakest months that FotM has produced but we all have seen what kind of incredible pieces they can produce and I personally cannot wait for next month to see what they come up with.

To get your hands on a future Fandom of the Month Club box, head to their website and sign up – hurry though, they sell out quick!  And be sure to watch their Instagram for hints!


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