Bookish Box – April 2016


The Bookish Box for the month of April was absolutely beautiful, featuring some of my personal favorite villains!

The first item in this month’s box was a stunning mug from Coffee Reading Writing, who has contributed to a box in the past as well. Their work is absolutely stunning in this tribute to Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

A lot of people have been complaining that Snape “isn’t a villain” but honestly it’s open to interpretation and in my book, I classify a villain as someone I love to hate. And he absolutely falls into that category for me.

The next item was a mirror necklace by The Geeky Cauldron, one of my all time favorite shops, inspired by the Evil Queen. This piece made me giddy and I absolutely love the length and the burnished gold look!

The candle, by The Melting Library, was themed after Warner – a villain I will admit, I know absolutely nothing about (not even which book he’s from!)…and then I googled it and realized that all my bookish community friends are now shunning me for never having read the Shatter Me series.  I’M SO SORRY.  I will read it soon, I just have 10,000 other things to read.

That being said, this candle smells FANTASTIC and I will be burning it until it’s gone.

The bookmark was created by Drop and Give Me Nerdy and was based on another series I own, but haven’t read yet, the Grisha Trilogy.  I hadn’t even heard of their shop before but after seeing this GORGEOUS bookmark in the flesh, I had to check it out and let me warn you, don’t click on that shop link unless you’ve got some cash to spend.

The last item featured was by the amazing Appraising Pages herself, with a Moriarty themed quote on a shirt from none other than Sherlock Holmes. I was so beyond excited to see that there was a Sherlock item being included in this month’s box, and even MORE excited when I realized it was the shirt quote for this month!

Overall this box was one of my favorites from the Bookish Box and I absolutely adored everything in it so much.  Next month is their one year anniversary and to celebrate the theme is Harry Potter – I am DYING to get my hands on some gorgeous HP goodies!

Subscriptions are now open for the June, Classic Reads themed Bookish Box (Shipping around June 10th), as May’s Harry Potter box sold out very quickly – be sure to check out their site and grab a June box before they sell out!


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