Charm With Me Club – April 2016


Charm With Me Club featured the main heroes in Marvel’s upcoming new movie, Captain America – Civil War.

 This month’s Charm With Me Club featured charms representing some of the main characters from the new Marvel release, Civil War.  These charms did a fantastic job of representing the characters, and made for a great addition to my fandom bracelet!

The first charm was a more standard charm, featuring a spider web and a small spider to represent the debut of Spiderman appearing in a Marvel, Avengers movie.

His character is highly anticipated for his appearance and has gotten so much hype for his very brief moment in the recent trailer.  Including a charm to represent him was definitely a smart move.

This charm also works fantastic if you’re not a huge Spiderman fan – I paired it with my Jack Skellington and Pumpkin charms from last month’s Nightmare Before Christmas theme and it works wonderfully.

The other charm featuring not only Captain America’s shield, as it is his movie, but on the reverse side featured Iron Man’s Arc Reactor.  These two symbols are so incredibly significant to these characters, I think it was a fantastic decision to include both characters on one charm.

What I really thought was funny was prior to sending out the charm, the promotional photos on Charm With Me’s Instagram page included the phrase “Choose Your Side.”  What I think it hilarious is it was literally saying, choose your side….of the charm! without actually saying that.  Eh, well I think it was crafty.

That being said, I also received the bonus charm this month which happened to be a little coffee cup!  I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I am a huge fan of Vanilla Chai Lattes, something that Starbucks is pretty darn good at concocting.

This little cup looks fairly similiar to the Starbucks logo without being too specific. This is absolutely adorable and I show it off ALL the time.

All that being said, I think this month was definitely a success.  I am so pleased with all three charms, I can’t wait for next month already!

If you’re interested in grabbing a Charm With Me Club box, head to their website and grab one before they’re gone!!


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