Flitwick’s Box – April 2016


Rain, rain, go away….or actually, on second thought, how about you stay because this month’s Flitwick’s Box makes me want to puddle jump all day long!

This month’s Flitwick’s Box was everything I hoped it to be and more – in the sense that these pieces are just beyond my expectations.

The last few months have been really hit or miss with Flitwick’s but if this month is any indication, this box is doing a complete overhaul of the kinds of items they’re including to make them more classic and compatible with all types of jewelry lovers!

The first item are the adorable umbrella earrings.  I am SO obsessed with novelty earrings lately, as is everyone else.  These are so (as a friend put it) a-la Miss Frizzle, and with them featuring so many colors, they go with literally EVERYTHING.  They’re also not too big or too small which makes them great for everyday wear.

The last few months have also included a bracelet that was about double what my wrist actually takes.  I’ve always been able to squeeze them down to work for me, but this month was not a problem!  This silver and blue crystal bracelet fit my tiny wrists absolutely perfectly, and I have gotten so many compliments on it already!

Finally, the necklace, my absolute FAVORITE piece, is just so simple and perfect for everyday wear.  This long, thin, silver chain features a simple silver bar at right around where an 18″ necklace would fall on most people, followed by a long, single piece of chain with a silver bar at the end.

This piece is perfect with a rocker-chic look, a v-neck tee and leggings, or a night out party dress.  I cannot get over how much I love this necklace and have worn it so many times.  People have LOVED that it’s all one necklace as well!

This box was a 3/3 winner for me.  I loved every single piece and all the thought and detail that went into each.  I simply cannot wait for next month and hope it lives up to just how amazing this month was!

To get your own Flitwick’s Box, be sure to check out their website and grab a box before they’re sold out!  And with these types of pieces?  They’re going to go quick!


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