Litcube – April 2016


This month’s LitCube was all about Dragons – who wouldn’t love that?

This month’s Litcube was in honor of their one year anniversary (The Anniversary of the Dragon), with all the items sticking with the Dragon theme!  Yay!

The first item was a Snackable 10 oz bag of Beef Jerky that I have been munching on like it’s nobody’s business.  Fat Man’s Beef Jerky is SO addicting – good thing our box came with a coupon code for more!  ;D

The next item was a gorgeous, leather dragon bracelet.  This features 5 individual stripes of leather and different charms as details, with the main one being a large gold dragon.  I absolutely love this piece and can’t wait to show it off!

The next two items kind of go together.  I’ve never had a “Wreck This Journal” or anything along those lines before, so I was SO excited that this month’s box included a “Color This Journal”, and an exclusive set of Litcube Colored Pencils (which includes a sharpener in the lid!).  I cannot wait to fill this with my doodles and color in the pre-outlined pages.  So much fun for this twenty-two year old!

The book this month was Slayers by C.J. Hill, which was totally off my radar until it magically appeared in this month’s box!  This book looks absolutely INCREDIBLE and I cannot wait to get into it!

And finally, the last item included, and my personal favorite, is an exclusive Dragon plush, inspired by the Litcube mascot, Stacks, the book drunk dragon.  He’s absolutely adorable and I have him nicely situated among my shelves, carefully guarding my babies.

Stacks is an exclusive to this one year anniversary box of Litcube, and he won’t be put into production again, so I’m so thrilled that I was one of the lucky subscribers this month to get my hands on this adorable little baby dragon.

I have talked a lot in previous month’s about the value of Litcube’s items and how they are always nearly double of the cost of the box.  This month, there wasn’t quite THAT much value wise inside, however that did not stop me for absolutely adoring everything included in the box!

This month’s Litcube was valued at a total of $50.90.  This box sells for $34.95 (with free shipping inside the US), making your total ‘profit’ of items, $15.95!

I absolutely love that every box that Litcube creates still provides you with plenty of bang for your buck.  This month’s box was so full of amazing goodies (not to mention the redesigned box itself!), I already cannot wait for next month!

If you’d like to get your hands on a future Litcube, subscriptions are now open for the June box, themed Roaring 20’s Mystery – not sure at all what that means but all those words make me SO happy!  Be sure to get your spot before they sell out!


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