Uppercase Box – April 2016


The April Uppercase box was so summery and adorable, I’m so glad that I was able to re-upgrade myself this month and get all the goodies included!

The book included in the April Uppercase was one that I’ve seen around a lot on #bookstagram lately, Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw.  I’ve seen a lot of people grabbing it but not too much on the review end of it – have you read it?  Leave a comment below if you have, I want to hear your thoughts!

The next item were in correlation with the book, (which was signed by the way…did I mention that?) and that would be the adorable themed stickers that feature items/moments from the book (or so I’ve heard!).

The #IReadYA week was right around the time this box was shipped so not only was their an I Read YA button but also an invite on how to get involved on social media with their campaign to promote YA books!

Beedoo created some AMAZING magnetic bookmarks for this month, featuring both Buckbeak and Hagrid as apart of the Harry Potter themed items this month.

I have NEVER had an issue with Uppercase and she is always so incredible with being timely on her deliveries, but this month was the first month I’d received an email apologizing for one of her items falling through.  Uppercase was so amazing that they scrambled and had Risa Rodil (a long time artist who does custom work for the subscription) create this amazing poster featuring a quote from Sirius Black (one of my favorite quotes of the series).

I already have the poster framed and up on my wall as it’s absolutely gorgeous, so HUGE shoutout to Uppercase for coming through and creating this beautiful piece of art for all their subscribers to enjoy.

Finally, another exclusive item to Uppercase this month was a “Book of Potions” notebook for all those class notes from your least favorite teacher.  Or your favorite – depends on your house I suppose.

I was so thrilled with this month’s Uppercase Box, I cannot wait to receive my next one in a few days!

If you’re interested in receiving a future Uppercase Box, head over to their website and grab one before they’re gone!


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