Charm With Me Club – May 2016


The May Charm With Me Club included a gorgeous collection of Alice in Wonderland charms – all bright and beautiful and with a bonus as well!

Shockingly, I’m not a die hard Alice fangirl.  I didn’t grow up with the movie, nor did I ever read it as a child.  But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve fallen a bit more in love with the entirely odd story and the characters it contains.

When I found out that Alice was the theme for May’s Charm With Me Club, I was so incredibly excited to see what would be included!

The first charm was a tiny silver teapot.  This is one of the first pieces they’ve done that actually screws onto the bracelet instead of just sliding on – it makes it ideal to hold on all the other charms as well!

The teapot was just the beginning of this mad tea party – next up was a silver clock!  Mine is a bit discolored – not as bright silver as I’d hoped, however I’ve wanted a clock charm for so long, I’m not even fazed by it!  It’s absolutely adorable and so fitting for the white rabbit himself.

Speaking of the rabbit – there was a bonus third charm in this months’ box!  A dangle, featuring a silver rabbit holding a set of four playing cards in a golden tone – so unique!  I absolutely LOVED this piece and thought it was a fantastic surprise.

But they didn’t stop there – also hidden in the box were a set of four, colored glass beads!  These were the pop of color my bracelet needed to really brighten up my day – they were beautiful!

It was random what colors each person got and I was lucky enough to only get two duplicates (and luckier still, the duplicates were in my favorite colors!)

I was so thrilled with this month’s Charm With Me, it only gets me even more excited for June’s box (spoiler alert – it’s Harry Potter themed!).

Sign-ups for the July box, themed The Girl on Fire will be opening on June 4th – be sure to grab yours while you can!


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