Half Blood Prints Monthly – April 2016


The April Half Blood Prints Monthly package featured one of my and my boyfriends’ favorite fandoms – Star Wars!

The April Half Blood Prints Monthly was the first month that a Premium upgrade was made available – as it was my last month (and I have a leaning stack of tees) I decided against upgrading, but I will say the custom artwork on the Star Wars Tee was absolutely adorable!  I should have probably gotten it for my boyfriend but ah well – too late now.

That said, what I DID receive was amazing as usual – the artwork absolutely stunning.

The first piece was a Yoda sticker, featuring the quote “You will find only what you bring in.”  My boyfriend has seen the movies easily a dozen times more than I have, and he was infatuated with this sticker – his favorite yet!  He loved the quote selection and was thrilled Yoda had the opportunity to be featured.

The second item was the magnetic calendar, which if the quote “MAY the force be with you” wasn’t used, I would have had something to say about it.  It was too fantastic to be passed up!

The next item was the bookmark – double sided, to feature most of the original and new characters!  This was definitely one of my favorite bookmarks they’ve done.

Finally, the 8×10 art print, featuring the quote “It’s true.  The Force.  The Jedi.  All of it.  It’s all true.”  This was so simple, yet visually so stunning – this was one that needed to be hung immediately after opening.  I was so thrilled with how this one turned out.

This was a home run box this month and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it!

If you’d like to grab your own Half Blood Prints Monthly box – either the basic or the premium package, check out their site and snag one!  If you’re unsure and don’t mind being spoiled, be sure to check out their Spoiler Instagram page for full box reveals BEFORE they’re shipped out!  (WARNING – Clicking the spoiler link will INSTANTLY reveal the spoilers!  Click at your own risk!)


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