Flitwick’s Box – May 2016


This was the first month that Flitwick’s Box really revamped their style of jewelry and I was beyond impressed with their clean and modern designs!

This month’s Flitwick’s Box featuring jewelry that had an earthy vibe to it but still kept a clean and simple look.

The first piece were a set of four arrow studs.  All the jewelry this month was in silver, and these pop so nicely!  The arrows flow perfectly up the wearers’ ears and pop beautifully even through hair worn down!

The second piece was a cuff with a white, marbled looking accent stone on either side of the opening.  This piece was so simple but makes such a statement, I’ve received many compliments on this one!

The necklace was all one piece and was a three strand, featuring a silver disk on the shortest chain, a marbled white triangle (to match the bracelet) on the middle, and a rectangular navy stone at its longest point.  This necklace was my favorite piece this box and pops so nicely, while still being plain enough that I can wear it with everything!  Definitely a favorite.

This Flitwick’s Box was the attempt at revamping their ‘themed’ boxes and still focusing on a trend, doing more simple, modern and classy pieces.  I say that excelled that goal 100x better than they anticipated.  I adored every single thing in this box and cannot wait to wear it!

If you’re interested in receiving a future Flitwick’s Box, head on over to their website and sign up now!


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