Uppercase Box – May 2016


The May Uppercase Box was full of bright and beautiful contemporary goodies to match this amazingly unique read.

As always I looked forward to receiving this month’s Uppercase Box and I was so eager to tear into this package when it arrived.

The book selection this month was Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes – one that I had not heard anything about until I opened the package and say this sitting in there!  I was so excited once I read the synopsis about it though and I cannot wait to get into it!

The book also came signed by Paula Stokes and the box also included a Girl Against the Universe sticker and bookmark!

There was also a Loose Leaf Tea Blend from NovelTea Tins, and my flavor was The Picture of Earl Grey.  Creative!  I’m not much of a tea girl though so I don’t know how much this will be used.

Also included was a set of Book Paradise Postcards by Eric Nyffeler – which included 5 blank post cards featuring multiple places from our favorite reads!  There’s a few I still can’t figure out but the detail on these is absolutely amazing.

Overall this month’s Uppercase Box was pretty underwhelming honestly.  As much as I love the artwork and the creativity behind the tea and postcards, I don’t know how much I’ll use them.  It’s a shame, but honestly they have a fluke box so rarely, this doesn’t phase me in the least!

If you’d like to get your hands on a future Uppercase Box, head over to their website and sign up!


6 thoughts on “Uppercase Box – May 2016

  1. thriceread says:

    How do you like Uppercase? I receive Owlcrate and am crazy about it. However, I am always curious about the other bookish subscription boxes.I just can’t bring myself to subscribe to another one though without knowing for sure if it is worth it or not. So, I’d love to hear your overall opinion of the box. 🙂


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    • Logan Ashley says:

      I love Uppercase! I actually love it more than I did Owlcrate – the items Uppercase includes are always practical and things I’ll use (bags, calendars, art prints) and the books with Uppercase are always signed/come with a signed bookplate which is a huge perk for me. Both are incredible but with the price difference and the item selections, I lean more towards Uppercase. The book selections in both are incredible as well! (This was the first month they’ve actually selected the same book to include!)

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      • thriceread says:

        Oh goodness. Looks like there’s another subscription box I’ll have to subscribe to. Thanks for the info! I had no idea about the signed books/bookplates. That’s awesome!



      • Logan Ashley says:

        Definitely one of my favorite parts! She also gets a lot of exclusive pieces just for her box, mostly artwork. If you’ve ever Googled Risa Rodil, she’s an incredible artist. She’s done some phenomenal art prints for Uppercase and the December box even included an entire calender with her artwork, featuring popular YA book quotes! She’s had exclusive bookmarks, and also includes a read along feature – which allows you to get a bit more in depth as you’re reading. It’s so awesome. Totally recommended!

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