The Bookish Box – June 2016


The June Bookish Box featured some beautiful pieces from some of my favorite classics…but did they include too much of the same things?

The June Bookish Box was themed Classics, and as a full-time reader, I take that very seriously in the sense that there are so many incredible classics in the history of literature.  I was so eager to see what classics would be featured in this box, I was a bit disappointed when it arrived.

The first item was a pair of Alice in Wonderland inspired socks by Out of Print.  These rabbit socks were adorable, as I am a huge fan of novelty socks.  Definitely a great piece!

Another great piece was the shirt included by Appraising Pages – featuring an Alice in Wonderland quote, Curiouser and Curiouser.  I ordered the High-Low Tee as I typically do, as I really enjoy the style and have been very happy with it so far.

Both of these pieces were beautiful but I was a bit disappointed that they both were featuring the same classic read.  There are so many classics that could have taken one of those items spots, I was sad that the socks couldn’t have featured a different classic and keep the Alice shirt, or vice versa with the Alice shirt featuring another classic.

Like I said, both of these items were gorgeous, but I just wish one of them gave a bit of spotlight to one of the many other well loved books from generations past.

The next item was a beautiful ampersand ring from A Cute Geek.  This was absolutely adorable and I’ve worn it tons, however I was a bit annoyed that it wasn’t sizeable.  I have tiny fingers and it fell right off, however I work in a jewelry store and was able to rig something up to allow myself to wear it (if the ring was too big, head to a local jewelry store and ask for a ring guard.  Any place should be able to do it for super cheap!).  If your fingers are larger however, that’s even worse as this ring cannot be made larger and therefore becomes unwearable.

Bugaboo Bear Designs also contributed to this box with a Great Gatsby inspired notebook.  The Great Gatsby is one of my absolute FAVORITE classics of all time so I was glad it at least had an item in this month’s box.  It wasn’t a big one though and the quote they selected wasn’t a very well known one, but I’m still glad it was represented.

There was also a Jane Austen magnetic bookmark in the box that was very tiny and I’m sure a lot of people missed (mine was under the tissue paper, and would have been thrown out if I hadn’t known to look for it).

This box had the potential to be one of the company’s best, but I felt it fell far from that goal.  The items were beautiful but I felt that classic novels were not actually well represented in this classic novels themed box.

This has not been the standard of The Bookish Box, however and I’m absolutely sticking around as always because I know they’ll bounce back from this one!

If you’d like to get your hands on a future Bookish Box, head to their website and grab one before they’re gone!


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