Fandom of the Month Club – May 2016


The May Fandom of the Month Club box featured one of my favorite fandoms, Sherlock Holmes – I was so excited to get these pieces, especially since they included some unique ones!

In past months, there have traditionally always been jewelry, however this month included a special item in place of one of the three jewelry pieces!

The first piece was the a set of silhouette earrings featuring both the facial profiles of John Watson and none other than Sherlock Holmes.  These stunningly simple but unique pieces are such a fantastic idea, they became an instant favorite!

The next piece was a long necklace featuring a few charms, including a Sherlock Cap, a pipe and a script charm reading “I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath. Do your research.”  This piece was so fun and really captured the vibe.

The last piece wasn’t actually jewelry this month but instead a headband featuring the wallpaper pattern and yellow smiley face from Sherlock’s home, Apartment 221B.  I LOVED this and was so beyond thrilled that this was included.  It was such a unique piece and could have easily been sold for more than the cost of the box by itself – it was definitely a huge highlight.

The collectible card this month featured the front door of Apartment 221B, and the magnet featured John Watson and Sherlock Holmes as well.  Both were amazing designs and I’m proudly displaying both.

This box was a home run for me and I’m so happy with it.  If you’d like to get your hands on your own future Fandom of the Month Club box, head over to their site and grab one!  The July theme is Hogwarts – hurry before it sells out!


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