Once Upon a Bookcase – July 2016

I was really excited to find out that the July edition of Once Upon a Bookcase was going to be featuring Beetlejuice for the Anything/Everything & Manly Man Box, as well as a classic Bronte Sister read for the Girly Girl Box!

Once Upon a Bookcase has been a box that I’ve looked forward to for nearly a year now and I am so excited to announce that they’ve switched manufacturers and are producing even higher quality phone cases than before.  But more on that a little later.

This was the last month that they were with their original cases, and both themes had me very excited.  I had actually never seen Beetlejuice but decided I needed to watch it before settling on which box I was going to go with.  I ended up loving the movie and stuck with my Anything/Everything box.

The case featured the read Handbook for the Recently Deceased, a huge prop from the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it and I absolutely ADORED this design.  I thought it was a design for the phone case, tying it to the movie.

The first item included was a folded up, spiral frisbee that read Beetlejuice three times, in black and white.  This was absolutely adorable and so fitting with the theme, however it wasn’t something I could see myself using.

My favorite of the items included were the fingerless, black and white gloves which will definitely be used a ton this coming fall/winter!

Also included was a little packet of movie props, including a rubber cockroach (I’ll admit, I squealed a bit when I opened the box and saw it), a Beetlejuice Business Card and the photograph of the ghosts.  All three of these were perfect with the theme but I really wasn’t sure I’d get much use out of them.

As usual, the artwork on the monthly description card was beautiful and I loved it!  Definitely going in rotation for my picture frames!

That said, the Beetlejuice Box was kind of a miss for me, item wise.  I absolutely loved the case and was thrilled with it (which is the whole point of the box) but the extra items just didn’t do it for me.  That’s when I emailed them and asked if they had any extras of the Girly Girl box and lo and behold she still had a few!

This was one that I was SUPER excited about and as soon as I received it, I knew I should have switched originally.

The Wuthering Heights phone case was stunning.  In my review for the February LitCube, they teamed up with Chicklit Designs (the creator of Once Upon a Bookcase) to create and include an item for their boxes.  The design is the one you see above on the phone case!  I was so excited to have a matching wallet (the February LitCube item) and phone case, both are stunning and I was beyond excited to have both.

The first item was an absolutely beautiful, a tree necklace with bits of purple stone included.  This pendant has already been worn multiple times and I absolutely love how dainty but unique it is.

A Wuthering Heights notepad was also included which was super cute, and at the rate I write myself notes, I will never complain to get cute note paper!

The last item was a laurel wreath type headband which I think was beyond beautiful however was quite tight (good, you don’t want it to slide off) but so tight in fact that it actually broke when I tried to put it on the first time.  No biggie, just one of the o rings came apart – easy fix.  I just never thought of myself as having a large head, so I worry for people with bigger heads and how they used it.

Overall, I definitely loved this box more than the Beetlejuice one, however there is one more fact I’d like to bring up.

I used both cases for about half the month each, and both began to crack along the ‘spines’.  By crack, I mean the design began to peel and chip away to become very faded and obviously I was a bit upset.  However as a long time subscriber and having this had never happened before, I emailed them just to let them know what was going on.

They were already aware of the situation and were switching manufacturers for the following month which thrilled me, and I thanked them.  A few days later, I was surprised to find a package in my mailbox from an address I didn’t know.  Upon opening it was a brand new Wuthering Heights case by their new manufacturer.  I didn’t ask for a new one, and I specifically said to them that regardless I was happy to be a subscriber and knew this wasn’t their standard.  They had absolutely no cause to send me a new one….but they did it anyway knowing that mine had chipped.

I was so overwhelmed by the absolutely incredibly customer service they provided.  All my emails were answered within 24 hours and the quality of help I was given was above and beyond what I expected.  I am so incredibly grateful to companies who take the time to ensure their customers are happy and who do everything in their power to guarantee that.

This box is one I look forward to each and every month and I highly recommend it to everyone!

If you’d like to get your hands on a future Once Upon a Bookcase, I absolutely recommend heading to their website and signing up!  And be sure to check out their Instagram for hints on each months theme options!


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