Once Upon a Bookcase – June 2016


This has to be one of my favorites months of Once Upon a Bookcase, as it featured so many amazing Fairytale inspired items!

The first item was, of course, the phone case by Chick Lit Designs.  As always, she is the creator of the box and features her own phone cases each month as the staple item.  They’re always incredibly well made and this month was no exception.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales was the book of choice featured in this month’s phone case and it was so beautiful – I LOVE the color and how bright it is.  It’s amazing, and has become one of my favorite cases from her.

One of the best parts about this box is if you miss a box that features a phone case you love, you can always buy the phone case in her shop!  Super nifty so no worries if you missed out!

The goodies this item were inspired by a few different fairytales.

The first was a pair of wolf socks, inspired by The Wolf and the Fox – a fairytale I actually haven’t read.  However these are just adorable and are a wonderful addition to my novelty sock collection.

The next item was a Snow White inspired Apple Necklace, showing off the apple core of the poisoned fruit Snow White bit into.  This is so unique and fun!  So thrilled to have this.

Finally, a faux leather handbag, created with keeping treasures away from the Big Bad Wolf in mind.  This is so adorable and I can’t wait to use it (i’m just glad it fits my giant phone!)

All that said, this month’s Once Upon a Bookcase was cuter than cute and I’m so happy to have received it.  If you’re interested in getting your hands on a future box, head to their website and grab one for yourself!  And be sure to check out their Instagram for awesome hints about what the future boxes might be!


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